Monday, December 13, 2010

Vintage Makeup- Diagrams

So, today I have decided a good way to portray how the makeup was applied 60 years ago is by using a MAC face chart. These handy little charts let you do whatever makeup you want on a blank slate, so to speak, within the limits of your imagination.
Here is a blank chart:

Feel free to copy it, or get your own off google or something. The point is, you can print it and then colour it according to the look you are going for,and choose to post it or use it on yourself.

But, since I cannot seem to scan on my printer, I have done up several models from's virtual makeover in vintage style instead. So here are some that I have done, sporting several different combinations of eyeshadow and lipstick that could inspire you're own vintage look.
Here is the classic vintage look: red lips and brown eyeshadow. Very timeless, but also add some darkness to those eyebrows, I couldn't do it on the virtual makeover.

For all the gingers out there (sorry if your offended by being called a ginge) try a sea green eyeshadow and pink rose lipstick, very flower garden-like.
A great example of apricot lips, this blondie also has matching blue eyeshadow to her eyes. Many girls in the 1950s matched their eye shadows; green for green, brown for brown, etc. Nice combination
Very much a late 50s, early 60s look, the eyes are dark under the lashes. This reminds me of Twiggy's signature look. Again, the apricot lips were popular and it is complimented with a purple eyeshadow.

This is a bit more clown-ish because the lips are so bright and shiny, but this may work better if the lips were a more faded peach perhaps. But, the lilac shadow stands out and the winged liner is very evident.
Using a darker rose lip, this works best with a coppery brown shadow with golden skin. Again, these are extremely fun to do and there are about two more examples...

The first use of a grey shadow, this can work with almost any lipstick colour, except maybe a hot pink where it may come off a bit trashy and not so vintage-y. An even darker lip for a darker skin tone, this shade has plum under-tones which look very good with darker skin.
And finally, a dark lip with lilac eyes, a pretty common combination. Also, note the pale, flawless complexion on all the models, even the darker ones. This pancake-like face makeup was used to cover all sorts of blemishes and uneven skin tones; an attempt to be just like the actresses of the day.

So have fun with your own virtual makeover, or even better print out and colour the makeup chart to see how you will do your vintage makeup!

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