Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Pole Dancing!

So, this type of dancing is usually considered vulgar and skanky, since so many associate it with hookers at bars on their poles. Yeah, it gives the pole a pretty bad rap. Luckily, the pole is much more recognized as an art, and not from the American 1980's striptease we so often associate it with.

In fact, just a little bit of history, it may have started in America in the 1910s to 1920s because of the popularity of travelling performers, like the cirucs. Acrobats and dancers most likely practised on tent poles by using it as a prop, and it became more accepted into the burlesque culture in the 1950s.
Sadly, it soon became known as a 'dirty' form of dancing as it was related to striptease in bars, and still has a somewhat bad name.

If you don't believe me, would you ever consider asking your mother to take a pole dancing class? Or mothers, would you let your daughter buy a pole to practice on? Yeah, I do think it is a somewhat sexy form of dancing, but it is empowering, kindof like the corset, to a woman.

So, as an art form, i find it mesmirising to watch the no-gravity stunts pulled off by these people.

If ever you feel like trying it out, it looks like alot of fun. Just make sure to buy a pole that is sturdy and will not fall over on you! Too many videos on youtube of pole dancing failures have warned me from bad manufacturing...

Not so much on this subject, it just looks like a fun workout to me, really.

Check out an up-coming blog about corsets, I really want to get one!

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