Friday, February 25, 2011

Types of Witchcraft

What types of witchcraft is there? Witchcraft is a Pagan branch, hence not to say Pagan is just witchcraft, but an 'umbrella' term for many earth-based religions.

Witchcraft is also Wicca, but Wicca can be just a religion without witchcraft, or vice versa, or both.

There are several types such as British Traditional, Dianic, Celtic, Shamanic, etc.

Eclectic is most common, since witchcraft is not an organized religion so people feel okay being able to mix their beliefs into their own.

I prefer to study Green witchcraft, as I like dealing with earth and celestial powers rather than the spiritual beyond and 'behind the veil' type things. Of course it interests me, I just feel it is too ceremonial and organized for me to properly understand and make it mesh with my beliefs and will.

So, the types of green witchcraft are as follows:
- Hedgewitch
- Kitchen Witch
- Cottage Witch
- Heriditary Witch
- Celtic Witch
- Green Witch

The first three are most easily described around green witchcraft with their own personalities added in. A hedgewitch is an old term for a healer or midwife who also practiced magick in her village, surrounded by a hedge. Now, the hedge is symbolic for the realms and the practice is somewhat shamanic.

A Kitchen witch is a descriptive title all its own. The witch has her garden, her home, and her hearth (kitchen). This is the center basis for all that she creates for her home and for magick. It is the most casual practice and is really about adding magick to the mundane homelife.

A hereditay witch is one I envy because you cannot just 'become' one. It is passed through generations and I can assure you none of my family practiced witch craft for the past few generations. Pretty Catholic and Christian, to say the least. Maybe I'll start my own line :)
So anyway, it is based on old traditions passed through the family. It is not 'by blood' that you become a witch, though, it is a concious decision to carry on the craft as part of your life.

The celtic witch is a tradition, and is very earth-based and also healers who work with many creatures. They base themselves upon the Ancient Ones and are Practicioners of the Elements.

Another notable tradition not nessesarily 'green' is Appalachian Granny Magick. I recommend you look it up and see how interesting this old tradition is. Information like this is what I exist for!

For the record, I am torn between a Kitchen witch, or a Cottage witch. I believe they are the same thing, but who knows when your dealing with such a personalized belief?

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